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スピード&アクロバットな独自のスタイルを確立し、ジャグリングのバトルシーンで活躍し、台湾の国際ジャグリングバトルで優勝する。 更にダンスを経験し、4000ほどの作った技からパフォーマンスショーを作り、音に合った評価を得る。






SUZUKAZE (外部サイト)

I am a Hokkaido-born performer living in Tokyo, and I like the color blue. Mistaking pantomime I saw on TV for a type of juggling, I started playing with the diabolo.

I established a unique style, which features speed and acrobatic skills, and made my way into the juggling battle scene, ultimately becoming champion of an international juggling competition in Taiwan. Also an experienced dancer, I have created performance shows using the 4,000-odd tricks I have invented, attracting praise for how well my performances sync with the music.

With a terrible sense of direction, I have trouble finding my way to event venues. Overly focused on the diabolo, I am also very slow in responding to people, I'm afraid (although for work-related emails, I will try to reply as quickly as possible).

My interests are manga and electronic music.